Capital Preservation Advisors, LLC (CPA) is searching for Portfolio Managers and Wealth Managers.

CPA is a Registered Investment Advisor, domiciled in the State of Rhode Island. The current president, Raymond Mullaney, has been in the investment industry since 1976.

CPA is seeking registered investment advisors or registered brokers willing to pass the series 65 exam, or with a CFA, who will build the firm using the proprietary technology and capital protection strategies developed by Equity Risk Sciences, LLC (ERS), an affiliated firm.

The firm is competitively positioned to serve investors, retirees and retirement plans.

CPA will use the proprietary capital protection technologies developed by ERS. Applicants interested in learning more about this opportunity must acquaint themselves with the information available on both companies’ websites ( and

If you have been in the investment industry for a minimum of 5 years, please submit your resume to us with a letter describing your professional goals and tell us why you believe you can build the firm into a world-class firm.