At Capital Preservation Advisors
protecting your capital is our greatest strength

Other investment advisors promise they will do their best
to protect your assets, but HOW do they back up their promise?

The “Capital Preservation Account” has
the following contractual terms:

IF your account falls -15%, we reduce the RATE of our fees by 50%
 IF your account falls -25%, we reduce the RATE of our fees by 75%


How will your investment advisor protect you from the next crash?

Will your advisor slash his fees if, under his management,
your savings fall by 25%, 35% or even more?

If he is so confident he can protect your savings, why won’t he cut his fee RATE,
if he loses a significant percentage of your assets?
Why should you pay him for failing to protect your assets?
If he can’t protect your assets from a major decline, is it wise
to entrust him with a significant portion of your total assets?  

By contract, we WILL slash our fees if we fail you.

Can you afford to lose 30%, 40% or more in a market crash?

If your advisor is so incompetent as to lose 30% of your assets,
what makes you believe he is smart enough to rebuild your assets?
How can he claim to KNOW that the market will recover,
if he didn’t KNOW that the market will fall?

 Most investment professionals will tell you to just “buy & hold” and always stay fully invested. They’ll tell you “no one can beat the S&P Index”.

Investing is Very Dangerous:
Our technology allows us to significantly reduce investment risks and investment losses.
Of this, we are certain!

“The proprietary technology we employ at Capital Preservation Advisors is the advanced risk management technology I know of. It is not perfect, but it allows us to avoid losses and risks more reliably than any system that I have seen, and I’ve been looking for 43 years! I invite you to put us to any test you can come up with, have your CPA, investment consultant and your lawyer all review our work and interview us before you decide. We’ll never rush you. Invest your time before you invest your money.”

President & Founder
Raymond Michael Mullaney

Raymond Mullaney, the company’s president, has 43 years of professional investing experience. He has published dozens of investment and financial reports which have been covered nationwide in the media.

  • Ray served on President Reagan’s “White House Conference on Small Business”.
  • In 1986, The New York Times extensively quoted his Economic Report in a front page article.
  • Since 1985, Ray’s reports have appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Standard & Poor’s Pension Reporter, The Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Nations Business, The Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets.
  • Ray has been interviewed on radio & television from NYC to Boston.
  • Ray has served on boards of public and private companies as well as profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Ray served the Governors Advisory Committee in the State of Massachusetts.
  • Equities Magazine recognized Mr. Mullaney as, “a veteran investment advisor with a distinguished record of stock market forecasting and forensic accounting”.
  • In July of 2000 Ray presented research findings on accounting improprieties of two of America’s leading public companies to the Senior Counsel of the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington, DC.
  • In 2005, Ray was given the “Most Distinguished Alumni” from the Graduate School he attended, Stony Brook University.
  • In 2013, Ray founded Equity Risk Sciences.
  • In 2013, Ray founded Equity Risk Sciences (ERS), an institutional investment risk analysis technology firm. ERS employs advanced mathematical modeling on big data, it identifies, measures, quantifies and rates the financial risks and price risk of individual stocks, industry sectors and major market indexes. We know of no other risk management system that is more reliable.
  • In 2018, Ray wrote 8 articles on “Risk Management” for Senior Digest. Copies of these articles are available upon request. 

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